We’ve all made them.

But, at some point in our lives, we gotta own up to our own bullshit.

I’ve got a lot of bullshit.  And when asked for explanations, it’s best to pony up and flat out accept the outcome of your fuckery.  Lame excuses never worked.  What ripe old age do you have to reach to finally realize that?

This is my first semester back at school taking academic classes.  One class is Ceramics 1, it’s a transferable class that fulfilled a requirement for me.  It is also one of the very few clay related classes I have yet to take.

Previously my clay classes were not transferable and the attendees were primarily middle-aged through retired.  These people were attending class because they wanted to enrich their lives with a hobby.  It was not often a younger person would enroll and if they did, it was short lived.

Last week, our class had their mid-term.  The mid-term involves setting a table display with all of the pieces created up to that point, a notebook with notes on lectures, a self-evaluation and a check list for the instructor.

Out of the entire class only one-fourth of the class had completed the amount of pieces expected and had all components of the mid-term ready.  The other three-fourths, the portion of the class that was not prepared for the mid-term, came prepared with a multitude of excuses.

“My sleep is more important to me than this class, so I didn’t come to class several times because I was sleeping.  That is why I don’t have everything.” – That was the most honest answer I heard out of the entire group that failed to come prepared for the mid-term.  Granted this also comes from the girl that rudely burps (loudly) in class and thinks it’s cute.  She also rudely was playing games on her phone instead of doing the class critique activity that is part of the mid-term.  No fucks given.

“I didn’t finish because I have had anxiety.”
“I have a job.”
“I have to wake up early.”
“I’m not good at this.”
“It’s not as easy as I thought it would be.”
Excuse after excuse as to why their work was not completed.  Did they assume that since it is an art class they could just not do the work?  This is a transferable class, the grade follows them to their university of choice, if they even get that far!  Do they also give these mealy-mouthed excuses to other instructors?  I am guessing they have tried these excuses with other instructors, for academic classes.

Is this what has become of America’s youth?  Is this the outcome of helicopter parents insisting their little booger is a special snowflake?  Is this what happens to adults when you don’t keep score in Little League?  What the fuck happened?!

I was told once that I am a bad parent because I told Andy to stop using his ‘disability’ as an excuse.  Often times he tried to use the excuse of, “It’s because I have ADHD.”  Or, “It’s because I didn’t take my medicine.”  No, it’s not, you are choosing to make bad choices and not owning up to them.

I was the queen of excuses as a child, I know how the game is played.  But at a certain age you have to realize your excuses are weak, they always were.  It’s time to own up for your fuck ups or just stop fucking up!

Incidentally Andy was a B shy of  straight A’s his first quarter of junior high.  Not because I hassled the teachers because my “son” deserves good marks.  Not because Andy was allowed to feed a line of bullshit to teachers and they accepted it.  He did it because we pushed him.  He did it because we aren’t taking excuses for an answer.  He did it because he worked for it.

That is as it should be, kids should work for success.  Kids should suffer failure.  Otherwise we end up with these weak little adults that I just want to punch in the face every time I walk into class.  I could go on but I think I’ve made my point… or just got what I needed to off my chest.


2 thoughts on “Excuses

  1. Nice to hear the boy got good grades, though hopefully, it will soon become a result of his having come to believe that getting good grades has benefits for him that go beyond just material rewards and avoidance of punishment. Sadly, I never performed well in junior high and high school for reasons other than just getting/keeping a certain privilege or getting a material reward. It wasn’t until college that I did come to value education.

    • I am hoping for the same. As it stands, he was unable to join band or the LEGO club because of poor grades. Now that he has the grades, he is opening up options for his personal enrichment.
      I scored well in high school once I started taking my classes at the college. Before that, I was a high school flunkie because of attendance. I think with college if you have to pay for it, you are more inclined to actually do well.

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