So many times we have had to reprimand Andy for playing in the shower.

At 13 I can only assume the long showers are related to changes in hormones and self exploration.

Before now, I would find little slits in the shower curtain because he thought the razor in the shower was a bathroom toy.  That’s a no-no and we worked passed that hurdle.

Later we come to find he is shaving his arms.  It’s a no-no to use another persons razor.  Gross, you don’t share toothbrushes and wash cloths: don’t share something that another person uses on their body.  PERIOD.

We thought we were over the bathroom habit of playing with things.

“Andy, why they hell is there a new razor in the shower?”

“Umm, because I was shaving.”

“We’ve had this discussion before.  I know it’s a new razor but they aren’t cheap and you don’t need to be using up your dad’s razors.  You don’t take without permission.  What the hell are you shaving?!”

Looking at him I could see his little dark peach fuzz mustache is still there.

His sheepish reply, “My balls.”


Since when do 13 year old boys find the need to shave their balls???

I was at a loss for words.  “Your daddy is going to be upset that you are using his razors.  And when your ball hair grows back your balls are going to itch.”

That was where the conversation ended for me.  I passed the torch to Joey so he could talk to his son about manscaping and not leaving adolescent pubes stuck to the shower wall.

My question is, who is seeing his balls that he needs to shave them?  Where the hell is he picking this shit up?

As it turns out, it’s a thing.  Young adolescent boys have taking to shaving off their pubic hair.  I had to ask another mother of a teen if this was something she had to deal with.  She said her boy, who is in baseball, feels left out because he is the only one that ISN’T shaving his pubic region.  All the other boys on the team shave not just the pubic bone region but also their balls and even beyond that.  Wow, news to me!

I always connected pubic hair maintenance with sexual activity and an older crowd.  Not little boys that barely have hair to shave and have yet to even kiss a girl.

Times sure are different now than they were when I was a teen.


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