We’ve all made them. But, at some point in our lives, we gotta own up to our own bullshit. I’ve got a lot of bullshit.  And when asked for explanations, it’s best to pony up and flat out accept the outcome of your fuckery.  Lame excuses never worked.  What ripe old age do you have […]


It had to be done. It’s been a long time coming and there is just no denying the white elephant everyone wants to ignore, staring them in the face. My aunt always said, “You have to be willing to help yourself first.  You can’t get the help you need unless you really want it.” Off […]


I am sure it has been seen:  What 3 fictional characters describe you? I would like to think I should have chosen some fancy-free, fun characters.  Some people describe me as such. But maybe I took it a little darker than it needed to be.  Or did I? I think most folks are their own […]


So many times we have had to reprimand Andy for playing in the shower. At 13 I can only assume the long showers are related to changes in hormones and self exploration. Before now, I would find little slits in the shower curtain because he thought the razor in the shower was a bathroom toy.  […]