So it’s been a while since I have posted anything.  Summer time is usually busy time for me at work and home.  As you all guessed, I did host another exchange student this summer.  Now before it sounds like it was an awful experience, it wasn’t awful but at the same time it was not great.

Usually my rants are about Andy being a picky eater or flooding the bathroom with my tampons or even worse eating my exchange student’s gift chocolates.  This time Andy was quite the model host brother.  He was his normal pesty self.  This time my woes came from my exchange student.

Last year the mister wanted to host a student from Russia but that did not pan out.  This year we ended up with a Russian student.  And I kid you not this boy was THE pickiest person under the sun.  I had asked him before he arrived what foods he enjoyed and did not enjoy.  Enjoys: meat and potatoes.  Does not enjoy: fruits and vegetables.  Oh and he has an allergy to all nuts.  I thought maybe he was making a broad generalization.  No, he was not joking.

Burrito: ripped open, poked at with fork, pushed it around on the plate and did not eat it.
Salad as a side with dinner: untouched.
Anything with bacon in it was also turned down, not for religious reasons either!

I did manage to have him eat chorrizo and egg burritos, pasta with ground meats and pierogi casserole.  The latter I had never attempted but figured it would work since the kiddo likes potatoes.  Honest to god this is the very short list of fruits/veggies the kid ate:  potato, garlic, apple juice on rare occasions.  How was he not dead of malnutrition?!

That was just the tip of the iceberg, it did get worse.  Mind you the kid was never really a “bad” kid.  Part of hosting an exchange student is the exchange.  An exchange of culture, food, ideas but our student would come straight home and hide in the bedroom.  He would hide in there on his phone with his other friends.  Having a conversation with the child was like pulling teeth.  I finally relented and left him to his own devices, if he didn’t want to talk, I wasn’t going to force him.

Anytime we offered to go out or do anything he had to first check with his friend.  His friend happened to be hosted by a kind man that was also hosting 2 other teenage boys.  I can understand why my kid wanted to be with them all the time.  But it wasn’t fair to pawn him off on the other host parent.  And it bordered on rude that he would pretty much just take off with the other host parent.  There were a few times we had to have a talk with our kid to explain that he can’t just impose on others and it was out of line to take off without letting us know or even asking.

But again the kid was not bad.  He just was very interested in hanging out with the other Russian boy, shopping or hiding out.  I really think he did a huge disservice to himself.  His English did not improve because he was always pairing up to hang out with his friend.  And he missed out on our culture because he was not open-minded enough to try new things.

I really hope the best for him and I hope he can continue to travel and experience the world.  I think a little maturity will help him… or not.  Some people are just set in their ways.

Moral of the story:  I will not host kids that are not diverse eaters.  You can’t live off of meat and potatoes!  Well you can but still….

Stay tuned for the update on our new exchange kid.


4 thoughts on “Picky

    • Good to see you branched out of that.
      I am hoping with age and experience he too will widen his interests.
      My new kid fits in with our little family quite well.

  1. God, I used to be pretty bad when it came to the eating department. No fruits or veggies for me, please. Since I’ve become an adult I went back and retried many things to make sure I actually didn’t like them or if it was just me playing opposite from what my parents were doing.

    Hopefully your next kid won’t be such a handful.

    • My new student is actually adventurous in terms of food. He does admit that raw fish is not something he likes but if he must, he will eat it. It was during this conversation that Andy said he too hates raw fish. Little did he know when we go out for rolls, the majority of them have raw fish. -_- Kids!

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