Okay so I am not going to pretend I am little Miss Positive Pollyana, I know full well I can be a Debbie Downer.  But there are a few things that you just don’t do.  You don’t tell a person who is diagnosed with cancer that they will ‘just die’…. repeatedly.  It’s not nice and though there may be truth to that, there is also truth behind the power of positive thinking.

My family is a family of fighters.  We all know and realize that we will not live forever.  But we also know that as shitty as things may be it’s better to be in the world of the living than the eternal slumber.  I saw my grandparent’s transition, my uncle was also very close… but we are all fighters.  My uncle is still around because he didn’t just lay back and take the restful road.

This uncle is the same man who is married to the Negative Nancy I am alluding to.  This woman, who lives with my aunt that was just diagnosed with cancer, is there because my aunt opened up her home to her and my uncle.  When they lost their place to live my aunt had them move in to keep them and their 2 dogs off the streets.

Yet this woman who I will just refer to as Nancy has taken it to tell my aunt continually that she is going to die.  My aunt puts up a strong face, like I said this is the same woman I have only ever seen cry twice.  When my aunt was talking to my mom about Nancy’s ill treatment, my aunt had tears in her eyes.  A blink could have set them spilling out over the edge

You DON’T make the woman who raised me cry; EVER!  Not without consequences.  Yeah I am one of those ‘an eye for an eye’ people when it comes down to what I value.

My aunt has only asked us to stay positive and to continue on with our lives.  She says that she will undergo whatever treatment (she started radiation Friday) the doctor prescribes but she wants us all to stay positive.  I can do that.  My siblings have all agreed to do that; hell she was as big a part of our lives than anyone else.  Shit we were raised calling her Mommy Tia.

Nancy can not.  And no one has told Nancy to shut her fucking pie hole.  No one will either it seems.  One of my sisters says that God will take care of it and to keep the peace.

1.) I don’t believe in God.
2.) I am a ball of rage.

If Nancy was not a take in, I wouldn’t care so much.  If she wasn’t an abusive thief, I wouldn’t care so much.  Yeah, I said thief.  Turns out the week we took my mom and aunt on their cruise to Mexico, Nancy was taking paper goods, food, laundry detergent and who knows what else from my aunt’s house and giving it to her worthless gangster son.  Because “he was in need” and she will do ” anything” for family.

Uh, her kid didn’t take her in when she became homeless… MY family did.  And this is the thanks she gives them.  “You’re gonna die” and thieving shit for her worthless brood.

I won’t do “anything” for my family but she better steer clear if she knows what’s good for her because I have words.  And I don’t care if my uncle is hurt at this point.  She is a toxic person.  She has him wrapped around her little finger and she knows it.  And I suppose there comes a time in some peoples lives that being with someone, anyone, is better than being alone.  She is that anyone.

I could go on about the things she has said and done that have put a sour taste in my mouth but telling my aunt she is going to die, in her face, repeatedly, when she is a unwelcome guest in the house just puts me over the edge.

Trying to stay calm for my aunt.  TRYING is the operative word.

Do or do not; there is no try.

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Not very clever, I know but it’s all I could come up with at the time.


6 thoughts on “Negativity

  1. I hate that situation in families where one person is being toxic and you are told not to make trouble by calling them on it. It might keep the peace in the short term but it just means a heap of simmering crap under the surface. Get things out in the open and tell people they can’t get away with their shit and you end up with more peace in the long term.

    • Yeah I wish it could just be ousted now. As it stands you have 6 young adults simmering in the hateful words spoken by the bitch woman my uncle married. I will have to share the story of how she underhandedly asked my uncle to kick me out of his house after I had no where to go after my first divorce. The woman is a real charmer.

  2. Why not just say it straight to her, not with venom, but with love for your aunt… something like, “Look, you may just be trying to be realistic, but what you say has affected me negatively, and if it affects me, you can be damn sure it affects Mommy Tia. Now, for Chissakes, knock it off.”

    These types of situations are why I keep my distance from everybody…

    • I think she knows she has caused some big waves among the kids so she seems to be making herself scarce these days. I have a sinking suspicious she is trying to move her family members into my aunt’s house while she is battling cancer. I love the convenience of living near my family but at the same time it really makes it hard to keep my distance from all the drama.

  3. I had a long time neighbor say something like that when my mom was going through the process of kicking the bucket. It pissed me off to no end and I never spoke to him or his family again. Resist the urge to punch that lady in the face, and if you do have to do it, make sure you carry it live on PPV.

    • A few of our siblings have discussed taking action and speaking to my uncle. We feel it is time he move out with his wife, her two grandkids and her son is moving back to CA. So I don’t know what’s going to happen but none of the adults want to deal with this so the “kids” (we are not kids anymore) are most likely going to say something to my uncle. For the best interest of the family peace and my aunt’s health.

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