The saga continues…

What started out as a well meaning idea from my hubs to his cousin has turned into something rather strange and bitter tasting.  Well, I at least have a bitter taste in my mouth.

When I had decided to travel to Japan and South Korea I made mention of it to both my husband’s cousin and his wife; the same folks the hubs went to visit this last summer.  I usually send them a postcard from any of the places I visit.

My well meaning hubs mentioned to his cousin that both my sister and I would be in the Sapporo area and it would be nice for us to meet and possibly visit them at their place.

Hubs never got a response back from his cousin regarding a potential meetup.

My intent to visit Sapporo was more for the Beer Museum, Odori Park and a few other interests of my own.  IF, big IF there, I did meet hubby’s extended family I would prefer it to fit with my travel schedule.

A few days after the Facebook fiasco regarding bad photos being posted taken with lovely GoPro angles, I got a message on the only social media outlet I use, Instagram.  (Travel FB is currently under construction; name reveal will be coming soon.)

The message was from the wife of the cousin basically stating:

I can’t invite you to my house. We raise 3 kids, busy and cost money to keep this family going.  [My hubs] was always talking about visit Japan so we accepted last time, but you are just his wife, but not our friend so we don’t wanna force ourself to arrange our schedule to invite you or your sister over to our home especially out of vacation time.

Well, that was unexpected!  Honestly spending time in rural Japan with a stay at home mom of 3 doesn’t sound like a vacation to me.  It actually sounds like torture, as it is I have a hard time living in the house I do with the one kid.

I politely explained that, I, under no circumstances had any plans to stay at her house.  I was traveling to South Korea and Japan to sight-see and did not know Joey was trying to plan a meet up in Sapporo (well meaning guy that he is).

And she went on to send me a copy of a message where I told her husband I would be visiting Japan and South Korea…. I assume she read that as, “Hey guys I am going to Japan, specifically your house.”  I could chalk it up to language barrier but I know full well that is not the case.  Bipolar?

All of this really doesn’t bother me as much as it hurt the hubs feelings.  This is his favorite cousin we are talking about.  And the wife was friends with my hubby and he helped introduce the two!

It seemed like things were fun for the hubs and his cousin while visiting but from the message I was sent it seems that they let him visit out of pity.  Which quite frankly I find in poor taste.  They could have saved themselves the trouble and us the money by saying NO.

Sometimes I really don’t understand people.

Incidentally, hubs has never heard back from his cousin after the photo fiasco; regarding photo removal OR a potential meetup.  I am kinda glad for that since I don’t really feel the need to be The Griswolds.

All of this sudden animosity over pictures posted almost a year ago?  There has to be more to it.



9 thoughts on “The saga continues…

  1. That is just so incredibly rude. Like you’d want to stay with her anyway.

    Now, this is just pure speculation obviously but there are some Japanese women — a small minority of Japanese women in relationships with Western guys, who get very insecure and threatened by Western women. Maybe they have a fear that their husband will meet a woman from home and decide that’s what he wants after all even though making a move on your husband’s cousin would be the furthest thing from your mind.

    • The thought had crossed my mind. However from what the hubs tells me, she wants to come back state side and her husband does not. And she lived here prior to leaving.. so I don’t really think the fear of a Western Woman is what has her all up in arms. My only other assumption is she has a fear I may show up with a GoPro and post pictures of her on Facebook. Or there is drama at home that they don’t want an outsider to have to witness.

  2. Sucks for your husband; to have a special memory degraded like that has to hurt a bit. At least your travel schedule won’t be clogged up with that nonsense.

    • I am really happy this came to light sooner than later. I would have hated to meet up and the situation become awkward. The hubs was pretty hurt, understandably so, but what’s done is done and we all have to move on. Hopefully if the hubs goes to Japan again he may rethink where he goes and actually enjoy some of the other parts of Japan.

  3. I could die a very happy man after a visit to Sapporo’s brewery! What month are you going to Hokkaido? If its closer to the beginning of May, you might still be able to catch the tail end of the cherry blossoms.

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