For the love of Christ on a pogo stick!  I tossed the sodding thing a long time ago but the drama just never seems to end with it.

So yesterday my non-Facebook family was worried that our family would hear the cancer news online vs. straight from my aunt.  I had to explain to my mom that Facebook is not something I do so they didn’t need to worry about me finding out online.

And then my husband ends up with his bit of Facebook drama.  A family member of his is upset that he posted their pictures from when he went on vacation with them.  He posted them almost a full year ago and even made them administrators of the album.  But only now are complaints being made.

Since the person upset is an administrator they could very easily remove the photos.

I’m not really sure what all is going on; if it is an image issue because the person doesn’t think the picture to be flattering or if it is a privacy concern?  I am not really sure but I don’t understand why these things can be such an issue.

Remember when mom had the family photo album on the coffee table for everyone to see: the priest, your creepy uncle, the smelly vacuum salesman, the Avon lady… everyone could pick it up, thumb through it.  They could see your missing tooth smile circa 1985, your bare ass in the bathtub circa 1982, everything that the photo processing tech at the place she had the photos developed long before they ended up in the album.

Now with social media you have to be so careful of what or who you photograph and sometimes go through the trouble of having to ask permission for every photo you intend to post.

I understand the privacy issue.  I really do but why are these things never an issue until well after the fact?

I almost wonder if I should start blurring street names, license plates and covering faces with emoticons on my Instagram feed and blog posts.

Ultimately once a photo touches a computer/phone… chances that they can become public go up.  So really unless you want to take up Polaroid and hide them under your bed… pics get out.

Don’t even get me started on the second complaint stemming from Facebook.  The vague status update whose only purpose is to cause curiosity.

Status update:  “So bummed out… 😦 Keep me in your prayers everyone.”

Why??? What is the point of this aside from people posting to your update with questions:
What happened?
What’s wrong?

Starved for attention??? I think yes.

I had considered taking up a Facebook account again to add fellow travelers that I meet on my wanderings.  I might just save myself the trouble and not do it.  Sounds like a hassle and I am scared that people I am acquainted with in the real world will be pissy if I don’t friend them in a virtual world when I don’t friend then in my real one anyway.


6 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. Make up a traveler persona and create a Facebook account based on that. Use a pseudonym, of course. If you limit your FB friends to those involved in a shared hobby/interest, it can be quite rewarding.

    • I might actually try that. I’ve met a few people on my travels that also enjoy travel, “Add me on Facebook! If you ever come to XYZ let me know.” – – And then I shock them by telling them I don’t have one. It almost seems that even e-mail is a defunct form of communicating unless it is ad related.

  2. I hate people posting photos of me on facebook but mostly because they are friends with people I don’t want seeing them. Some of my family are friends with pretty much everyone they know — people from school and family I don’t want anything to do with. I’ve got my facebook set so I have to approve any tagged photos of me which is a good start.

    Everything I post is friends only but I made a public post saying that I’m not adding friends so don’t send me friend requests. That’s the only thing people see on my page if you go on there and don’t know me.

    I do find facebook convenient for some things. Keeping in contact when travelling — Mum doesn’t do email, it confuses her too much. I think because she signs up for all kinds of random junk. Also for planning events and contacting multiple people. Also for sharing photos. I could pretty much do without all the other shit though and will delete people who shit me.

    A travel facebook would be awesome. Don’t even tell anyone it’s you. Facebook says you can’t do it but we have a facebook for the dog and I have a fake one for my pen name. What are they going to do?

    • Yeah I have considered creating a private one before. I might still, for now I just stick to Instagram as I generally post pictures instead of witty words.

  3. I went through a stressful situation last year with a bunch of facebook drama and ended up losing a long time friend. I hate drama.

    I recently had somebody from high school try and add me on facebook for the 3rd time. I really don’t understand because she and I never had a single class together, associated or even talked once. The closest was that we “knew of” each other. I don’t like adding random people I don’t know, and I strongly dislike adding people from my past because I have zero in common with them and I won’t be talking to them.

    • Yeah, I don’t care to have acquaintances add me or really even people I know in real life. That is what real life is for, staying connected. I am making my travel persona so I can meet like minded people and in the future stay in touch during travel and maybe even meet up during travels.
      It is sad that it took me until my mid-30’s to realize most people I know in real life have little to nothing in common with me. I would just as soon avoid their drama or mundane Facebook posts.

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