I woke up at 4:30 to get ready for my morning yoga/swim ritual and noticed I had two missed calls and two voicemail messages.

One from mom and one from my aunt, that’s odd.

Both of the message of course were the typical, canned, cryptic message, “Hi I was just calling to talk to you, call me when you get this message.”

No one in my family does that shit, especially not at 10pm.  So I figured something was up, I called my mom, she is a morning person.

She wanted to let me know my aunt was diagnosed with stage three non-Hodgkin’s.  She wanted to let me know that my aunt was trying to call me because she wanted to me to hear it from her instead of a frantic, drama ridden text, like my sister found out.  My family never ceases to amaze.  My brother, the drama queen had to go and text my sister who always reacts strongly to everything.

Talked to my aunt, she is planning on radiation and possibly surgery if the radiation doesn’t work.  She doesn’t sound too terribly upset.

It was all surreal because we told my aunt during the last trip we took that if she didn’t go to the doctor we wouldn’t be taking her on any more vacations.  She had complained of pain and we got worried.

So she finally made it in to get herself checked out: Cancer.


2 thoughts on “Cancer

  1. Sorry to hear…

    An uncle was found to have a cancerous tumor late last year. He had surgery for removal and is undergoing chemo now. He seems in decent spirits. Hope all goes well on your end.

    • She seems to be taking the news relatively well, she is a fighter. So aside from my one weak moment, I am okay. As I see it, she isn’t in the ground yet so I don’t need to get butt hurt just yet.

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