So the mister says he hates being a parent.  Then why did he have a kid?!  Okay so it wasn’t planned and the girl said she “was” on birth control.  Turns out she wasn’t, surprise!  Who the hell dates a 5150 without a little bit of fear, paranoia and suspicion?

I was naturally fearful of getting pregnant since before I was able to become pregnant.  And I went through great lengths to never become pregnant.

Maybe it is a little unfair for me to say I don’t want to be a parent, even if it is just a step-parent.  But how fair is it for him to say he hates being a parent.  And the mother wiped her hands clean of her premeditated pregnancy because it is now too old to abort and lives in my house.  He is the one that dabbled with a lunatic.  You play with fire, you generally end up burned.

If he hates being a parent, he can sign over all legal rights and hand the boy off to the state.  Problem solved… the mother doesn’t want him and the father doesn’t want to parent.  But it would, “Not be right.”  Ok then stop complaining about it!

I’m tired, annoyed and over it.  But unless the boy runs away from home he is stuck until 18, when legally I can wipe my hands clean and so can his father with out being “wrong”.

Statistically kids are living at home or have moved back after college well into their 30’s.  I refuse to become part of that statistic.  Sink or swim little guy.  If I did it and others out there can do it, DO IT!  As an adult he can live off of the government or his mother, I won’t have a loaf under my roof.

I personally see him hitting his teens and having a little rebellious streak that will lead him to run away (though I may be surprise at how much stronger his apathy becomes).  He can run, he knows the door is always open if he is unhappy and wants to leave (incidentally he is happy, at least someone is right?).  But I won’t be holding that door open a second time.  He is lucky I held the door open the first time.

And I only did it out of fairness to my husband.  I am such an asshole.


4 thoughts on “Irritated

  1. I can’t say much about kids moving back home since I’m living with Mum atm – though it’s my house so technically not.

    I can understand your irritation and even though it’s not something he wanted, I’m sure his attitude isn’t good for the kid either.

    • I was pointing my fingers at people who just can’t do anything on their own and they ‘need’ mom or dad to care for their needs well into adulthood. I think you circumstances are different, you have done it out on your own.
      Luckily the ‘issues’ he has with being a parent are kept from his son. But I don’t really care to hear him complain about how unfair being a parent is when I was kinda forced into it too. Honestly the whole situation feels like sand in my crotch.

  2. They say ‘Behind every good man is a good woman’, but they should say a good, irritated woman. Most guys know that that their female partners are happier when they (the guys) soldier up, stand confident and take care of business, but they just can’t cut it sometimes. I can’t imagine having a kid with someone and then asking her to wipe my snotty nose as well as the kid’s…

    • Yeah… parenting; it’s not for everyone. But when you gotta do it, fuckin’ do it. We must be doing something right if the kid doesn’t wanna go back home to mom and he says he is happy. Though from where he came from… I don’t think that’s saying much. From what it sounded like any place was better than home. But at least he is happy, the kid I mean. The adult will just have to put up or shut up.

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